Friday, October 8, 2010

Fantasy Index Magazine "Ask the Expert" Question: Name one lesser-known player who you think will take advantage of an injury to be a fantasy pickup?

Injuries appear to be rampant around the league. Name one lesser-known player who you think will take advantage of an injury to be a solid fantasy performer over the next few weeks.

Ryan Torrain, RB WAS. I picked him up last week in several leagues. Clinton Portis was dinged up going into week 4 and now it looks as if he will not play in week 5 (awaiting MRI results). He has a recent history (last four years) of wearing down or injuries in the last half of the season. Perhaps that trend starts a little earlier this year or the 29 year old has just taken to many bruising hits. I see the Redskins moving on with Torrain and Mike Sellers as a possible goal line vulture. Torrain has his own injury demons to battle, not to mention any RB in a Mike Shanahan system has to be on pins and needles waiting to see if he is the flavor of the week, but he makes for a great waiver pick up for the season. Another pair could be Kareem Huggins and LaGarrette Blount both with TB. Although they will share time with Caddy Williams, I see Huggins supplanting him and Blount becoming the Mike Alstott of the Buccaneers.

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