Monday, July 24, 2017

Pros vs Joes Team from first 2017 Draft

Loved the way my team turned out. I made a few mistakes but that is always going to happen in a live draft.

Here is a recap:

Andrew Luck
Joe Flacco
Ryan Tannehill

Todd Gurley
Isaiah Crowell
Frank Gore
Kenneth Dixon
Terrence West
Robert Kelley

Julio Jones
Sammy Watkins
Kelvin Benjamin
Rishard Mathews
Josh Doctson
Zay Jones
Cooper Kupp
Terrence Williams
Calvin Johnson
Torrey Smith

TEZach Ertz
Tyler Eifert
Charles Clay

Dustin Hopkins
Jason Myers
Kai Forbath


In a best ball format I like to have three at QB, TE, K and Defense. The extra team covers the bye weeks and provides the extra when someone is hurt or faces a tough matchup. I could have gone just two QBs since Andrew Luck is so good he could end up being the starter for 15 of the 16 weeks (his bye week the exception). One can make a case for drafting an extra RB or WR and capping QB at two when you get a top-5 QB. I probably should have done this and skipped Tannehill as QB3 and instead gotten another WR.

Also if you are going to go with less than three players any where DEF is the best spot since DEF never get hurt and can play all the time. Again I could have gone with just 2 defenses especially since I like both PHI and PIT as Top-12 defenses/ST.

So I could have/ should have gone two QBs and Def and had two better WRs...time will tell.

The draft was a bit odd as there was more value than I expected.

Of course Calvin Johnson in the 27th is a lottery pick hoping he comes back from retirement this year. If so that is a home run pick.

What do you think?
In hindsight I went with Robert Kelley in the 12th and should have gone a WR such as Corey Coleman, Mike Wallace or Quincy Enunwa. That would have given me more balance.

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