Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fantasy Football Guidebook on sale at Amazon for $17.95 --10% off

Great news! has "Fantasy Football Guidebook: Your Comprehensive Guide to Playing Fantasy Football" for just $17.95, a 10% reduction from the regular price of $19.95, for the paperback version. You save $2 now but I have no idea how long it will last. Take advantage of this great offer to get your copy, pick up the perfect Fathers day gift or just get a copy for a friend before the Fantasy Football season gets into gear for 2008.

Sorry the hardback is NOT on sale and remains at $26.95.

Both versions qualify for FREE SHIPPING at WWW.AMAZON.COM

PS ......Members of Barnes and Noble can get the same low price for the paperback of "Fantasy Football Guidebook" at WWW.BN.COM AND.......the hardback is only $21.95 at BN.COM

PSS Look for "Fantasy Football Almanac 2008" in May and be sure to check out my expert rankings and mock draft participation in Fantasy Football Index Magazine and Fantasy Football Draftbook Magazine this year.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Which draft spot do you want to pick from this year?
#1 with the gift of the #1 pick overall but then the boring wait until the end of round two?
On the other hand, do you want #3 and settle for one of the top 3 picks but then you can play the turn and work the corner on drafter 1 and 2 later.
Alternatively, do you covet a later pick say 8-10 for the same round-the-corner aspect but with two of the top 15 picks?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

2008 Fantasy Football Top 10 picks/cheat sheet

2008 Fantasy Football Draft (assumes 12 team league, performance scoring)

1. LT- He has been in the top 3 for the past 3 years. Has had at least 1200 yards and 10 TD’s for each of past 7 years.
2. S Jackson-Questions in STL are the only stopping point for SJ.
3. A Peterson-MIN May be the #2 RB but injury concerns are still legit and C Taylor has not left the building yet. Off season issues with the OL do not help either.
4. J Addai-PPR baby! This guy proved me wrong in 2007. He is durable and dependable.
5. Brian Westbrook-always a little iffy injury wise but the catches out of the backfield make him money in the bank.
6. Larry Johnson-Came on strong in second half after recovering from injury. KC needs other weapons to help LJ but he is great value at #6.
7. Willie Parker-needs to get his TD numbers up before he can break into the Top 5.
8. F Gore-If SF can improve their passing game, pretty easy to improve on terrible, then Gore looks good
9. R Moss-if he stays with NE.
10. R Bush or C Portis or W McGhee or M Lynch, M Barber R Grant take your pick