Sam Hendricks is the winner of the Fantasy Index Experts Poll, outperforming 19 other analysts in a contest involving 2,400 player selections (with each expert submitting a top 20 at six different positions).
Hendricks, author of the Fantasy Football Guidebook (published by Extra Point Press), didn’t win any category but was the only analyst to rank in the top 6 in all of the coveted positionsquarterbacks (2nd), running backs (4th), wide receivers (5th) and tight ends (6th).
In 10 previous attempts, Hendricks had never won the Experts Poll, but he’s been a strong finisher recently. He’s now finished in the top 5 in three of the past four years. He’s finished 10th in his last two other attempts. Hendricks is also a previous winner in the Fantasy Index Open competition (which is structured just like the Experts Poll, but is open to everyone).
Bob Henry of Football Guys finished 2nd, buoyed by 2nd-place finishes at both running back and wide receiver. Henry also takes home the consolation prize of being the top finisher using the alternative VBD scoring system (in that format, we disregard players who badly underperform or miss most of the season with injuries, focusing only on the players who finish the year with starter-level numbers – top 24 RB and WR, and top 12 at the other positions).
Lenny Pappano of Draft Sharks took 3rd.
The top 11 finishers win spots in the Mock Draft competition, and those participants are tagged with black dots in the chart below. As the No. 1 overall finisher, Hendricks will have the luxury of selecting the draft position of his choice. Henry will get first choice of what’s left (and so on down the line).
EXPERTS POLL, OVERALL (standard scoring)
• Sam Hendricks24651710242,130
• Bob Henry152421415241,815
• Lenny Pappano6823519241,549
• Alan Satterlee715111512241,075
• Justin Eleff161417214240,280
• Michael Nease181941618239,895
• Patrick Chance103111069239,219
• Michael Nazarek135312112239,217
• Paul Charchian4915814238,220
• Scott Pianowski16786101238,009
• Jesse Pantuosco912101483237,682
Cory Bonini51020798237,320
Jody Smith12111915137235,070
Harold Simons1114171145234,759
David Dorey19137161216234,485
Jeff Ratcliffe319189713234,388
Chris Liss1716518311234,157
Tony Holm141713191817234,013
Mike Clay8201613206233,052
Aaron Bland201812201920229,768
Bob Henry6311151653,021
Sam Hendricks429817452,031
Alan Satterlee71223181351,880
Lenny Pappano10634111151,839
Patrick Chance8181171851,695
Jesse Pantuosco57101412850,883
Justin Eleff191519101750,372
Scott Pianowski1451173650,296
Paul Charchian11131662249,750
Michael Nazarek16451613349,616
David Dorey13106171949,553
Michael Nease2084291249,505
Harold Simons12111998749,263
Cory Bonini9152054149,112
Mike Clay3171812202048,479
Jeff Ratcliffe2201710141948,176
Jody Smith18141315161447,964
Chris Liss1916121351047,282
Aaron Bland151972019547,027
Tony Holm1718141861546,218