Saturday, August 23, 2008

Peyton Manning update and money FF Leagues I am in

Sorry this has been a little late getting out, but it is Fantasy Football draft season.
Oh yeah and we moved house too!

First, be afraid, be very afraid of Peyton Manning. I am getting a bad feeling that he will not be ready for Week 1. In addition, do not forget IND has their bye early in week 4, so it is conceivable that he rests until week 5. That is right folks he is a risk to miss five of your precious regular season FF games. Not saying it will happen, just that it might.

Pleased to announce that I am participating in three of the four top High Stakes Leagues this year. In order of their drafts:

National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC) Classic Saturday 30 Aug 1 PM EST for $100,000 top prize, $8,750 in league prizes. Entry fee $1,300

NBC Primetime Saturday 30 Aug 7 PM EST for $100,000 top prize, $8,750 in league prizes. Entry fee $1,300

Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) Friday 5 Sept 9 PM EST for $75,000 top prize, $7,500 in league prizes. Entry fee $1,375

I also am playing in a satellite or two for the World Championship of Fantasy Football (WCOFF) although I could not make the main event, which would have been my third year in a row appearing.

And many more $250-$500 satellites so you can see I put my money where my mouth is.
Last year I had a ROI of over 10%. Not too shabby!

Many have asked and YES, I have entered in the Fantasy Football Open Championship (FFOC), which is offering the top team 1 Million dollars. It is a long shot with so many entries and not all the drafts occurring at the same time, but what the heck.

I am preparing for my local, 16 Team, PPR, minimal keeper live Lakenheath draft today.
We even had an owner fly in from the U.S to draft here in England. That is dedication to a hobby! We have owners in the Middle East, Europe and North America.