Wednesday, May 27, 2020

2020 QB Rankings

1 Patrick Mahomes
Lamar Jackson
Deshaun Watson
Kyler Murray
R Wilson
Dak Prescott
D Brees
T Brady
C Wentz
A Rodgers

11 J Allen
M Ryan
M Stafford
B Roethlisberger
D Jones
J Goff
R Tannehill
J Garroplollo
P Rivers
B Mayfield

21 J Burrow
G Mindeshew
D Lock
T Bridgewater
Tua Tugalovia
K Cousins
J Stedeam
S Darnold
D Haskins
D Carr

31 T Taylor
M Tribisky
N Foles
J Hurbert
R Fiyzpatrick

Friday, May 22, 2020

Fantasy Index Auction Experts Draft 2020

12 Experts
Best Ball format
PPR scoring system 
$200 Auction Budget

-Not spend more than 20% of my budget on any one player. 
-Try and get 3 x $20 RBs. 
-Go for a Top 3 TE, if not then get 3 TEs
-draft 3 kickers to cover injuries etc
-Draft three mid level QBs

I got D. Watson my Top 3 QB early so switched to a two QB strategy and that allowed me to draft 3 TEs and Kickers.

My team is below:

Deshaun Watson HOU $16
Aaron Rodgers GB $9

Austin Ekler LAC $32
LeVeon Bell NYJ $20
Damien Williams KC $14
Derrius Guice WAS $7
Marlon Mack IND $7

Allen Robinson CHI $18
AJ Green CIN $10
Michael Gallup DAL $9
Will Fuller HOU $9
Christian Kirk ARI $7
John Brown BUF $7
Sterling Shepard NYG $6

Jared Cook NO $8
Mike Geiseiki MIA $5
Irv Smith MIN $2

Greg Zuerlien DAL $3
Zane Gonzalez ARI $2
Kai'imi Fairbairn HOU $2

SEA $2
JAX $1

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Fantasy Index Magazine Expert Draft Team 2020

Here is my team drafted from the 10th spot in the Fantasy Index Experts Draft held last week.

Other experts included: Mike Nease, Lenny Pappano, Mike Nazarek, David Dodds and David Dorey among others and two Fantasy Index magazine contest winners.

For me, I went RB with first 2 picks and 4 of first 8 picks. I took 9 WRs overall with the last four coming with the last picks of the draft (rounds 19-22). Banking on quantity over quality as I elected to go with RBs and TEs over WRs.

Deshaun Watson HOU 5.10
Philip Rivers IND 12.03

Josh Jacobs LV 1.10
Austin Ekler LAC 2.03
Kerryon Johnson DET 6.03
Derrius Guice WAS 8.03
Adrian Peterson WAS 15.10

DJ Moore CAR     4.03
Micheal Gallup DAL 7.10
Golden Tate NYG 10.03
Jerry Jeudy DEN 11.10
Preston Williams MIA 13.10
Randall Cobb HOU 19.10
Paris Campbell IND 20.03
Mohammed Sanu NE 21.10
Devin Funchess 22.03

Zach Ertz PHI 3.10
Jared Cook NO 9.10

Harrison Butker KC 14.03
Dan Bailey MIN 18.03

MIN 16.03
LAR 17.10