Bob Henry has been the New England Patriots of the Experts Poll competition in the pages of Fantasy Football Index magazine. He won a pair of titles, but they were both a long time ago – back in the 2002-2003 seasons.
Henry just got his long-awaited 3rd title. The veteran writer for did so decisively, finishing with almost 3,000 more points than anyone else.
Henry got off to a slow start, finishing 9th and 17th in the kicker and defense categories. But he was on fire in the money categories, ranking 1st in tight ends, 2nd in wide receivers, 3rd in running backs and 2nd in quarterback. That’s remarkably impressive.
Henry joins Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Sports as the only three-time winners of this competition (which has been around since 1991).
Michael Nazarek of Fantasy Football Mastermind took 2nd place, and he also compiled a very well-rounded scorecard, ranking in the top 8 in all six categories.
Micah James of FFMagicMan took 3rd.

FFGuidebook finished 10th and will participate in the Fantasy Index Magazine Draft in 2015.

1.Bob Henry2-3-2-1-9-17305,020
2.Michael Nazarek7-4-8-2-5-8302,297
3.Micah James8-7-17-3-1-9300,914
4.Mike Clay15-2-10-8-3-15299,934
5.Tom Deskovitz6-6-11-4-16-2299,535
6.Michael Livengood13-1-12-11-11-4299,032
7.Alan Satterlee4-5-9-20-2-13298,889
8.Scott Sachs1-15-18-6-13-1298,188
9.David Dorey5-14-4-15-7-20297,922
10.Sam Hendricks3-8-14-16-12-18297,849
11.Bryan Hough19-9-1-14-6-7296,114
12.Chris Liss10-12-16-7-18-3295,886
13.Scott Pianowski12-17-7-5-17-10295,219
14.L'Roy Anthony Hale17-11-6-10-15-6295,078
15.Cory Bonini14-18-15-13-8-16293,771
16.Paul Charchian9-16-5-19-14-12293,585
17.Michael Fabiano18-10-19-9-10-14293,361
18.Lenny Pappano20-13-3-12-20-11290,874
19.Tony Holm11-19-20-17-4-19289,858
20.Bill Enright16-20-13-18-19-5289,200
The top 11 finishers win berths in the Mock Draft that will be run out of the magazine (joined by the winner of the Fantasy Index Super League). Henry won the poll, so he’ll get first choice of which draft pick he would prefer in a sine-wave draft.
Michael Nazarek will get first choice of the 11 spots that are left, and so on.
The Experts Poll field includes two at-large berths, awarded to the top finishers in the Fantasy Index Open competition (like the Experts Poll, only open to anyone who wants to enter). The qualifiers through that route fared well, finishing 5th and 6th. In the past two years, the Fantasy Index Open winners have finished just 14th.