Sunday, September 21, 2008

Which fantasy dud through two weeks would you most like to buy low?

I’ll give you one at each position. First, Derek Anderson at QB; he has played two tough opponents in Dallas and Pittsburg. He should rebound in week 4 vs. CIN. Next, LT who is currently not even in the top 30 at RB. Injury worries have hindered him so far. While a toe injury is worrisome, I would bet he recovers and gets back to norm soon. Finally, Braylon Edwards at WR is a victim of his QB (D. Anderson) and the same tough schedule CLEV faced in weeks 1 and 2. Any of those three should be good value later this season.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is the Patriots' offense doomed without Tom Brady?

Coach Belichick will RUN, RUN, and RUN some more with an occasional pass to Randy Moss. Look for disappointing numbers from J. Gafney and less catches from Wes Welker as well. Moss will still get his touches, as Matt Cassel will go with “the man” more often than not. The RBBC (Maroney and Sammy Morris) will get a boost as the Pats try and run and take some of the pressure off their new starting QB. New England’s kicker Gostkowski may even be a better play now as more FG attempts should come vice the XPs he kicked last year.

As seen at Fantasy Index Magazines website in their Ask the Expert Column

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Based on the preseason, which rookie do you feel you greatly over or underestimated in your initial evaluations?

Steve Slaton has jumped up the charts since my initial rankings in May. Some of that boost has come from a great preseason and some has come from the injury situation with Chris Brown and A. Green. Rumors out of Houston hint that Slaton may be the starter sooner rather then later. Eddie Royal is another underrated rookie who has caught my eye. He gets the start for Denver in week 1 with B. Marshall serving his suspension. If he can make his mark, it will be hard to take him off the field. Devin Thomas is another rookie WR, but he appears to have been overrated and may not see too much playing time early this season.

As seen at Fantasy Index Magazines "Ask the Expert" online column.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Which preseason issue has you most concerned?

With the regular season approaching, which preseason surgery (Manning, McGahee), suspension (Smith, Marshall), or contract squabble (Boldin, Jackson) involving a major player has MOST affected your rankings, and why?

Suspensions are easy, factor in how many games they miss and move on. Injuries are tougher because of the recovery time. Holdouts though, that is where I get nervous, because you have no idea when it will be resolved. I also think long preseason holdouts lead to injuries in the regular season. So up until last week I would have said Steven Jackson’s hold out. However, lately Peyton Manning’s swelling has me concerned. I have him clinging to QB#4 ranking by a thread and that will affect R. Wayne, M. Harrison, A. Gonzalez, D. Clark and Vinatieri. After seeing Jim Sorgi (Peyton’s backup) not play this past week, I suspect he was saved for opening day or worse. IND has a bye early in week 4. Anyone else see Peyton return to the field as late as Houston (Week 5)?

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