Friday, December 6, 2019

Fantasy Football Guidebook Leagues for 2019

Been awhile but here is an update on how I am doing in my 14 leagues this year.

I am in 14 total leagues:

7 are active leagues and 7 are best ball (draft master types)

3 are expert leagues (1 active and 2 best ball)

I have a 113-69 record or a 62% winning percentage.
Not bad considering they are either money leagues or Expert leagues (playing with industry experts).

In 10 of 14 leagues I am in 6th or better. I made the playoffs in 6 of my 7 active leagues.

FFPC $250 #17                                     6-7 7th place consolation
FFPC $250 #38                                     7-6 6th place (playoffs)
FFPC $77 #7                                         7-6 6th place (playoffs)
FFPC $77 #17                                       7-6 6th place (playoffs)

FFPC Classic                                         1st place (Bye as #1 seed)
Scott Fish Bowl 2019 (expert lg)           7-5 (playoffs) (5th place

Best Ball
FFPC 22                                                   2nd place
FFPC 36                                                   3rd place

Non Dynasty
FFPC 17208                                             9th place
FFPC 17637                                             1st place
FFPC Double Up                                     10th place

Fantasy Index Magazine                      77-65-1 5th
Fantasy Index Magazine Auction        76-67     5th