Saturday, October 4, 2008

Which fantasy defense would you most like to own? (Assume a scoring system that gives credit for sacks, turnovers, and all defensive/special teams TDs

It is a tough call between TENN, PHIL or PITT. However, I have to choose TENN due to their easier schedule. The Titans face KC, DET, CLEV and HOU in the next 10 weeks. They have only allowed 46 points while amassing 15 sacks (second in the league). Their high fantasy score has not come from lucky turnovers run back for TDs. Instead, they earn their points with sacks, turnovers and holding their opponents' score down. PITT plays CINN and CLEV twice but the rest of their schedule is brutal. That means PHIL is my second choice as they play SF, ATL, CLEV and CINN. But the status of Westbrook may temper this pick as well.

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