Monday, February 2, 2009

Book review-New York Yankees: An Interactive Guide to the World Series of Sports (Sports by the Numbers)

Outstanding! A great gift for any baseball fan., January 31, 2009
Sam Hendricks "Author of Fantasy Football Gui... (Virginia USA) - See all my reviews

I loved this book. I could not put it down at night. This book is the perfect bedside or coffee table reading material. New York Yankees: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports has a huge collection of interesting data about the entire New york Yankees history. But not only does it include numbers (as in Sports by the Numbers -the authors trade marked series of books) but it also has photos, stories and trivia that will bring you back to this tome, time and time again after reading it the first time. Some of the information will surprise you, some will delight you and some will enlighten you. The authors also have a website devoted to adding to the books experience. This "Interactive World of Sports" expands on some of the authors favorite topics and gives you, the reader, even more bang for your buck. What a great idea! In my opinion, the index alone is worth the price of the book when you see all the players' statistics it encompasses. New York Yankees reminds me of the perfect scrapbook with poignant pictures, history and the legends who made that history. A must read for Yankees fans and in fact, all baseball fans will enjoy this outstanding book. What a great gift!

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