Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How did we do in Week 3? Moved up to 30th Overall of 228 in FFPC

How did we do in Week 3? Look at all leagues and results.
Leagues This weeks Result/Overall Ranking (W/L or TP)
Fantasy Football Players Championship
“Joe Montana”Main Event League #10 Win 2-1 /3rd (2nd in TP/30th of 228)

FFPC $125 Satellite League #27 Win /2nd place

Local Lakenheath League Win 3-0 /First Place

Rapid Draft FantasyFootballTips Win 3-0 /2nd

Rapid Draft Loss 2-1 /6th

Fantasy Sports Magazine Expert League 2 Loss 0-3 12th

Fantasy Expert League Win 3-0 2nd

FFPC Pros vs Joe’s DraftExperts (Draftmasters) Loss 5th

Fantasy Index Expert Auction (Draftmasters) Loss 5th

FFPC 77 DraftExperts (Draftmasters) Win 11th------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6-4 (19-11 overall)
NOTE in DraftMaster/Expert leagues a win is defined as beating half of the opponents scores for the week.

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