Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week 13 Results for

Week 13 Results for
How did we do in Week 13? In a word great. I won the playoff game in the FFPC Main Event to secure 3rd place and $500. That brings my Fantasy Football Player Championship winnings to $1500 ($1000 for winning the regular season title and $500 for placing 3rd in the playoffs). Now I start my 3 week run at the $75,000 FFPC Grand Prize and start the playoffs for the FFPC Satellite League I am in (along with my local league playoffs). So started in 10 leagues and 5 of them I am still in the hunt (FFPC Main Event, FFPC Satellite, Lakenheath, Rapid Draft Fantasy Football Tips team, Fantasy Index Expert League)

I went 5-3 overall for the week to put me at 70-55-1 for the year.

This weeks Result/Overall Ranking (W/L or TP) BOLD = improvement

Fantasy Football Players Championship“Joe Montana”Main Event League #10 Win in playoffs second round (6th of 228 in Overall)

FFPC $125 Satellite League #27 Win /3rd place-Advance to Playoffs in week 14 with #3 seed

Local Lakenheath League Win 12-1 /First Place #1 seed and bye in 1st rd of playoffs in week 14
(First time in history of the leaque, 10 years, that a team has gone with 1 loss or less)

Fantasy Sports Magazine Expert League 2 Loss 3-10/ 12th (Season ending injuries to C Portis and D Owens hurt, although I am 5th in the league in Total Points scored so must be doing something right)

Fantasy Expert League Loss 5-8/ 9th (3 Straight losses have eliminated me from playoff contention)

FFPC Pros vs Joe’s DraftExperts (Draftmasters) Win 8th (Losing Chad Pennington, Jamal Lewis and Daniel Owens for the season do not help this DraftMasters team)

Fantasy Index Expert Auction (Draftmasters) Win 4th (this is a Total Points League and I may be too far behind to catch the leader)

FFPC 77 DraftExperts (Draftmasters) Loss 8th
5-3 (70-55-1 overall)

NOTE in DraftMaster/Expert leagues that are not H2H a win is defined as beating half of the opponents scores for the week.

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