Thursday, December 30, 2010 Week 16 Results

My week in review:

Week 16 Results: Wins are in BOLD

Fantasy Index Expert Auction-Draft Masters: LOSS 2-9 versus all the other teams this week. Fell to 10th place overall. Out for the season --Ryan Grant, DeAngelo Williams and Anthony Gonzalez is not helping!!!

FFPC Pros vs. Joes League #7 - Charles Jefferson's Z-28's: WIN went 7-4 ( we play every team each week), Rapid movement in this no transaction league. Improved to 5th overall.

Local League: Loss to Crestview Crushers in consolation game battle for 3rd place!

FFPC Main Event "Clark W. Griswold" Saturday Online League #21: 8-3 (4th overall in H2H and Total Points) Missed playoffs by 3 pts 1550 to 1547. Finished 5th in Toilet Bowl competition out of 208 entrants.
FPC Satellitte Sunday 09.05.7: 6-5 Finished 6th of 1065 teams in Toilet Bowl.

Overall 1-2. For the season, 56-39-1 (.608 Winning percentage)

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