Monday, January 3, 2011

Congratulations to Les Sandlin, winner of 2010 FFPC Pros vs Joes Challenge

While a Joe (Les Sandlin) took the overall title, the individual division championships were split at 4 leagues a piece. The league winners were as follows:

League #1 - Rudy Ruettiger's Underdogs - SteeltownD
League #2 - Rod Tidwell's Money Makers - Sandman's Time
League #3 - Forrest Gump's All-Americans - Day Drinker Josh
League #4 - Paul Crewe's Mean Machine - The Fantasy
League #5 - Uncle Rico's Sweet Mechanics - Northside Day Drinkers
League #6 - Bobby Boucher's Foosballers -
League #7 - Charles Jefferson's Z-28's -
League #8 - Steve Lattimer's Juice Crew -

I finished 5th in League #7
Remember this is a Draft Masters-No transaction league-draft and forget. No lineups, no trades no adds /drops

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