Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NFL games will expand to three nights a week in 2014. 16 Thursday night games!!!

As negotiations continue between the NFL and NFLPA, word has leaked out that starting in 2014 the NFL will move towards games on three nights. In addition to Sunday and Monday night football, Thursday will have a game every week as well. If the NFL moves to a 18 game season (which is on the negotiating table too) that would mean 18 more televised games and the revenues that go along with that coverage. Hopefully those games will go to ESPN or at least be split between the NFL network and ESPN.

The move to Thursday night games every week could occur in 2012 with a restructuring of the TV contracts for CBS and Fox. This is not unprecedented so 2012 could see an 18 game season and a game on every Thursday night. Fantasy Football may be going to an entirely new level...

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