Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 7 Results for and Sam Hendricks

11 leagues this year. In my defense 5 of the 11 are Expert leagues and the remaining 6 are money leagues. One is the high stakes Fantasy Football Players Championship ( Lets see how I did last week. Follow along by using the links to each league.

Money Leagues first ("Show me the money")

Fantasy Football Players Championship ( Main Event League #58 "I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid"                                                                          Win (6-1, improved to 2nd in total points)

FootballGuys Players Championship (FPC) League 09.07.10b                  Win (4-3, improved to 1st TP)

FootballGuys Players Championship (FPC) League 09.06.10j                    Loss (2-5, yet improved to 10th in TP)

National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC) $125 Satellitte League  Win (5-1-1, 2nd in TP)

NFFC Private Auction League                                                                        Win (6-1, fell to 5th in TP)

Local League                                                                                                    Loss (6-1, 1st in TP)

Money League Outcomes 4-2 (including a win in the $200,000 FFPC)  (For the season 29-12-1)

Expert Leagues

Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA)  League/Division 3 "Jay Clemons" Win (4-3, improved to 1st TP)

Fantasy Football Index Magazine Expert Auction League (Draft Masters but play every team each week)                                                                                                              Loss 1-10 (22-56), 12th place

Fantasy Football Pro Forecast Magazine Expert League                                   Win (2-5, 12 TP)

Fantasy Football Pro Forecast Magazine Expert PPR League                            Win (4-3, 2nd TP)

Pros vs Joes FFPC League 2 "Caspers Ghost Hunters" (Draft Masters) Win (11-0 this week) Improved to 1st in points (and 2nd overall out of 96 teams)

Note the Draft Masters leagues are draft and forget with no trades/adds or drops. The computer optimizes your lineup each week. So it is essentially a draft and forget league with no options to correct for injuries or status changes.

Experts League Outcomes 4-1

Overall out of 11 leagues 8-3 (overall 45-31-1)

Conclusion: I have said it throughout my FF career. I play better in leagues where luck is less and more skill is utilized. I play better in leagues with PPR, flex players (2 better than 1) and where active management is required (i.e add/drops allowed and the owner has to set a lineup-as opposed to DraftMaster leagues where no lineup is submitted. Historically I do better where my skills can be used to add better players and I think I do a better job at start/sit decisions than most.

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