Saturday, December 10, 2011 and Sam Hendricks versus the best of the best in Fantasy Football 2006-2011

A reader recently wrote me an email and asked how I measure myself in the world of fantasy football? I replied "By height" I stand at 6 feet 1 inch tall so that puts me pretty high (ouch sorry) in the standings.
My compliments to Chevy Chase and Caddyshack for that comeback.

Seriously..How have I done in the six years of playing competitively in the high stakes fantasy football arena?
Well my record speaks for itself.

2006 World Championship of Fantasy Football (WCOFF) 8-3 regular season (#2 seed, winner of $1500)

2007 WCOFF 8-3 Lost in League Championship Game (winner of $2500)

2008 Fantasy Football Players Championship ( Neptune League #13 6-5, #2 seed with 2nd most total points (winner of $1500); Overall 7th place of 180

2009 Fantasy Football Players Championship ( Joe Montana League #10 8-3, Regular season champion-#1 seed (#1 H2H and #1 Total Points)(winner of $1500); Overall 16th of 228

2010 Fantasy Football Players Championship ( Clark W. Griswold League 8-3, missed playoffs by 3 points (yes a FG); 5th in Toilet Bowl

2011 Fantasy Football Players Championship ( League #58 10-1, Regular season champion-#1 seed (winner of $3500); Lost in League Championship Game; Overall ?? of  720

So in the past 6 years of 12-team high stake fantasy football leagues, playing against the best of the best in the world (if you pay over $1400 to play in these contests, you better be good), I have a combined regular season record of 48-18 (WCOFF 16-6 and FFPC 32-12) or a .750 win/loss record. Some may be better over the last six years but I will stack that up against anyone. One year of missed playoffs in six years of playing competitive high stakes (HSL) fantasy football. Now if I could just grow an inch or two I'd really have the competition....

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