Tuesday, November 26, 2013

FFGuidebook.com 10-2 for week 12

-Wins in Bold
-Ranking in Total Points (TP)
-Money League first, Expert League next, local leagues last

High Stakes Leagues

-FootballGuys.com Players Championship (FPC)-Win in toilet bowl as I finished in top half of team this week.

-FFPC $250 Auction League- Win, but fall to 7th place TP (not a H2H league but Total Points (TP) only) 13 week season with top 6 adv to H2H playoffs

-National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC)- Win 8-4, 5th in TP 

-Fantasy Football World Championship (FFWC) Qualifier- Win, 8-4, 1st TP

-FFPC $77- Loss, 6th place TP

Expert Leagues

-Fantasy Football Pro Forecast PPR Experts League- Win, 9-3, 2nd TP-14 game regular season

-Fantasy Football Index Auction- Win, 8th in TP 

-Fantasy Football Pro Forecast Mock Experts League (Non-PPR) Win 6-6, 4th in TP, also a 14 game regular season

-Pros vs Joes (Sponsored by the Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC)) Mutant Division- Win, 6th Place TP (Lots of players injured and out for the season are killing my team in this Draft Masters format-no adds/drops.)

-Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) Bob Harris League- Win,  19th overall in playoffs (Finished regular season 6-5, 2nd in TP advanced to 3 week TP playoff)

Local Leagues

-Local League- Loss 9-3, 5th of 14 in TP

-USAFE League- Win 6-6. 4th out of 10 teams in Total Points.

10-2 Outstanding...For the year I am 82-62.  Critical week to make the playoffs now.

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