Monday, December 2, 2013

Fantasy Football Tip #231 Use your gut! Projections are not the gospel.

Fantasy Football Tip #231-Use your gut when it comes to projections.

First if you are going to use someone else's projections-use 2-3 different sites and compare them. If two websites say your RB will score 12 points and the third says he will score 6 points. Trust the two and throw out the third. 

But be realistic in these projections. If a site states that your WR will have 6 catches for 65 yards and .4 TDs, it does not mean he will score 14 points. It is an estimate people. He could score zero if he pulls a hammy in the pre game warmups or go off and have a career game when the shutdown corner misses the game. 

DO NOT GET TOO WRAPPED UP in obsessing with the difference between three projections that are close. I mean really is their a lot of effort going into wringing your hands between 10.3 Fantasy Points and 11.1 FP and 12.2 FP. So one of the projections has an extra catch-big deal.

And what are the projections based on? The 4 week previous average in most cases with a bias based on what the defense they are facing has given up to that position the past 4 weeks. 
And by the way, they probably are not updated right before game time when the injuries are listed. So if a key WR will miss the game, the projections probably do not reflect  a decrease for the QB or an increase for the WR2 who is now asked to step it up some. 

How about weather? Maybe but probably not reflected in the ranking/projections. 

Bottom line-use your gut. Do not take these projections as the gospel. Instead use them as a first guide to how your players may perform and then apply some common sense and judgment to modify/adjust them for the current situation. 

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