Monday, June 2, 2014

Recent FF Draft Observations

I have drafted in several drafts the past few weeks and here are a few observations:
-I do not favor drafting a QB in the first 2 rounds of any format-PPR or Non-PPR
-I am a fan of taking Jimmy Graham in the first round after Calvin Johnson
-Nick Foles is going at QB6 (but at QB10 on my draft board)
-Russell Wilson QB has started to drop down draft boards. He is now QB15-quite a steal.
-Sleepers others like at QB but I am staying away from are Palmer, Tannehill and Manziel. I like Tannehill later.
-Matt Ryan and Jay Cutler are undervalued. Peyton Manning is overvalued slightly-he is not going to have a career year in 2014!
-Montee Ball is overvalued at RB7.
-Everyone loves Bishop Sankey RB20-stay away from that rookie until you know for sure he is the starter and even then...
-Arian Foster, Toby Gerhart, Knowshom Moreno and Trent Richardson are  undervalued. Eddie Lacey may be slightly overvalued.
-I love the choices at RB20+
-The Top 15 WRs are pretty much set-draft any with confidence. WR16-30 are in different order based on who is ranking but names are the same. After WR35 things start to get tricky.
-WRs are equal to RBs in most formats this year. I.e RB 15 is the same value as WR15 in both Non-PPR and PPR leagues.
-I am not as high on Michael Crabtree or Michael Floyd as others are. I like them just not in my Top 20 WR.
-I have Gronk at TE3. I just cannot pull the trigger on him over Julius Thomas.
-Jimmy Graham is overvalued in most auction leagues.
-Garrett Graham and Heath Miller are undervalued TEs.
-I think Nate Freese DET K will be huge-if he is he starter. He is a high risk/reward player. Never thought I'd say that for a kicker.
-SEA DEF is overrated-top DEF pick but they lost some depth and will not sneak up on anyone as SB champs. So I expect their early 10th round ADP too be too high.
-I love CIN DEF (DEF3) but the consensus is D8. I do not like STK D as much (D8) yet they are ranked as third best by most. So swap those teams in my rankings if you want.
-Also excluded BUF defense from my Top 20 as they are going to a 4-3 this year and I don't think their secondary is going to be able to handle the receivers of NE and MIA twice and the NFC North and AFC West. Yes that's Denver, DET and CHI.

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