Friday, September 5, 2014

Ask the Expert Question: Now that the 2014 season is upon us, who do you believe will be the Fantasy MVP for the 2014 season, and why?

Now that the 2014 season is upon us, who do you believe will be the Fantasy MVP for the 2014 season, and why?

Unfortunately at the QB position it is hard to break through the top 3 (Peyton, Aaron and Drew); likewise at TE the ceiling is pretty high with Jimmy Graham and a rejuvenated Gronk, so it will have to be a RB or WR that surpasses his average draft position (ADP) enough to earn Fantasy MVP honors. I am going out on a limb here but Aaron Foster seems like a great candidate IF he stays healthy in HOU and they get any kind of QB play out of either Fitzpatrick or Kyle Orton. His ADP (25th overall) is wacko (and for some good reasons) but way too low in my opinion. At WR either Andre Johnson or Jordy Nelson (19th overall) could be top 5 WRs that propel their owners to a championship. Johnson would be the biggest climber with his 35th overall ADP. And if I go with my heart Andre Ellington (RB AZ) would be my choice because I think he has the potential to explode this year and is a steal in the mid 3rd round of most drafts.

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