Wednesday, November 26, 2014 goes 9-4 in Week 12 and advances to League Championship of FootballGuys Players Championship (FPC) (Aug 17 1pm B League) had a fantastic week 12, going 9-4. I missed the playoffs of one league of the 14 past week. After 12 weeks I am 96-71 for the season.

The highlight was winning in the first round of the FPC playoffs and advancing to the League Championship (LC) of the 17 Aug 1pm B league. 

Realize too that most of the 14 leagues are either Expert leagues (where Fantasy Football Experts from the media compete) or high stakes contests where everyone has a high entry stake and I end up facing the best of the best. 

Here is my record for the 2014 season to date: 
Week 1 8-6 (8-6)
Week 2 7-7 (15-13)
Week 3 6-8 (21-21) Not liking this trend!
Week 4 10-4 (31-25)
Week 5 11-3 (42-28)
Week 6 8-6 (50-34)
Week 7 7-7 (57-41)
Week 8 5-9 (62-50) I seem to be fading…lets hope for a rebound in week 9 and 10 when 6 teams each week are on a bye.
Week 9 7-7 (69-57)
Week 10 9-5 (78-62)
Week 11 9-5 (87-67)
Week 12 9-4 (96-71) {Down to 13 leagues now that I missed the playoffs in the FSWA}

Background-I play in 14 leagues this year ( I drafted in 16 but two were mock drafts for magazines with no leagues played out). Four of the 14 leagues are "Draft and Forget" or Draft Master Leagues with no lineup decisions or add/drops. All of the Draft Masters leagues are total points (TP) only and the FFPC $250 Satellite is TP too. In these leagues I consider it a win each week if I finish in the top half of the league in scoring. 

Leagues (Wins are bolded):
Fantasy Football World Championship (FFWC) $279 RotoBowl W 7-5 (4th TP)
Fantasy Football World Championship (FFWC) $179 Qualifier W 4-8 (8th TP) 
Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) $250 Classic W  (8th TP) (AP as 1.01 draft pick hurt) (Last week and 30 points back from 6th place needed for playoff teams)

Footballguys Players Championship (FPC) $350 W 7-4 (6th TP)----Win in week 12 advances me to League Championship in week 13 where I will play for the League prize of a FFPC Main Event 2015 Entry worth $1700

National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC) $150 Sat L 6-6 (6th TP -15 FP from 4th place and a playoff spot). This loss hurt the most. One week left and I need to make the playoffs.

The Fantasy Championship (TFC) W 10-2 (2nd TP)
Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) Bonini League L 7-4 (5th TP) Finished 3rd overall regular season and due to strange rules-Top 2 teams and then next 2 top scoring teams advance to playoffs. 
2 QB Experts League (FF Magican League) L 5-7 (7th TP)
Local League L 8-4 (1st TP)
Pro Forecast Magazine (their 2nd magazine of the year) PPR L 9-3 (5th TP)

DM Leagues
Pros vs Joes Competition League 1      W (10th TP)
Fantasy Football Index Auction League W (10th TP)
Fantasy Football World Championship (FFWC) $35 W 1st TP
Fantasy Football World Championship (FFWC) $77 W 10th TP

9-4 for week
96-71 for year

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