Wednesday, September 2, 2015 Draft Dominator 15' App is Awesome!

I am a believer. I got the Draft Dominator App for my Ipad and love it.
It is super cool, slick, smart and ....perhaps most important easy to use.
I used it during a slow draft in numerous FFPC satellite leagues and it works like a champ.

I compared three teams and their prospective schedules to see who to draft. It was great.

I highly recommend it. And I get no compensation for touting this as my favourite.

Here is some of the many features:

Roster Support
Available Positions (20 total): QB, RB, WR, TE, WR+TE combined, RB/WR flex, RB/WR/TE flex, QB/RB/WR/TE flex, PK, Def, DL, LB, DB, DE, DT, OLB, ILB, CB, S, any IDP
Comprehensive support for Flex slots and combined positions
Roster limits by position

Scoring Support

Passing Categories (19 total): Attempts, Completions, Yards, TDs by Distance (6 categories), 2 pt Conversions, Interceptions, Yardage Bonus (7 categories)
Rushing Categories (12 total): Carries, Yards, TDs by Distance (6 categories), 2 pt Conversions, Yards Bonus (3 Categories)
Receiving Categories (12 total): Receptions, Yards, TDs by Distance (6 categories), 2 pt Conversions, Yards Bonus (3 Categories)
Kicking Categories (7 total): FGs by Distance (4 categories), Missed FG, Made EP, Missed EP
Defensive Categories for Team Defense or IDP (27 total): Tackles, Assists, Sacks, Safety, Pass Defensed, Interception, Forced Fumbles, Fumble Recoveries, Def TD, Points Against (8 categories), Yards Against (10 categories)
Returner Categories (4 total): KR Yards, KR TDs, PR Yards, PR TDs
Performance-Scoring, TD-Only, & Distance-Scoring
Yardage bonuses by position

League Rules Support

Draft & Auction
IDP & Team Defense
Keeper & Redraft
Serpentine, Straight-through, Third Round Reversal, and fully customized draft orders

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