Friday, December 18, 2015

Ask the Expert Question: Has this injury-filled season changed your draft strategy for next year?

It seems to have been an especially injury-filled season. Have all the injuries caused you to change your draft and in-season strategy going forward, or do you believe it's just one season, or not much different than normal?

No not one bit. My draft strategy is generally to avoid handcuffs. No guts, no glory is my motto. My philosophy is to use the extra roster spot (and often the mid round pick) for the long shot player who "could" be a season maker. The kind of boom or bust player who can lift a team into the playoffs or give them that critical championship win. Sometimes it pays off with a difference maker. Most times the player is a dud and is cut mid to late season. In almost every winning case though the "extra" puts my team head and shoulders above the others. It is a strategy that tries to "buy" an advantage. Drafting a handcuff is playing to lose in my opinion unless the handcuff is great. An example of a losing handcuff gamble this year was Jamaal Charles (1st rounder) and Knile Davis (12th round), who everyone thought was his clear cut handcuff. Now if 2016 is just as injury plagued then I might have to reconsider but until then I am swinging for the fences and avoiding handcuffs in most cases.

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