Tuesday, May 17, 2016

First Expert Draft of 2016-Fantasy Football Index Magazine

I have participated in the Fantasy Football Index magazine "Expert" draft for the past ten years. It is always one of, if not the first, expert draft of the year. It was held last night at 8:30pm ET.

Here is my competition in Draft Order (order reverses in even rounds)
1. Cory Bonini
2. Sam Hendricks
3. Bryan Hough
4. L'roy Hale
5. Chris Liss
6. Alan Satterlee
7. Lenny Pappano
8. Scott Pianowski
9. Michael Nazarek
10. Jim Nienaber
11. Paul Charchian
12. David Dorey

I am not going to reveal the entire draft (you will just have to buy a copy of Fantasy Football Index magazine when it comes out in June!), but I will show you my team and discuss some of the aspects of it.

Note: this is a "draft and forget" league where no adds/drops or trades are allowed. There are no weekly line-ups as the computer always cherry picks your best starting line-up for you after the fact. Teams have a roster of 22 and start 1/2/3/1/1/1. Scoring is standard (non-PPR).
Aaron Rodgers GB 3.02
Teddy Bridgewater MIN 11.02

Todd Gurley LA  1.02
Doug Martin TB   2.11
Melvin Gordon SD 6.11
Charles Sims TB 8.11
Isaiah Crowell CLE 10.11

Jarvis Landry MIA 5.02
Emmanuel Sanders DEN 7.02

Dorial Green-Beckham 9.02

Vincent Jackson TB 12.11

Breshad Perriman BAL 14.11
Pierre Garcon WAS 15.02
Kamar Aiken BAL 16.11
Tyler Boyd CIN 17.02
Brandon Coleman NO 22.11

Greg Olsen CAR  4.11
Jason Witten DAL 13.02

Brandon McManus DEN 19.02
Mike Nugent CIN 21.02

Minnesota Vikings 18.11
Buffalo Bills 20.11

Here are my picks again in the order I made them:

Todd Gurley LA  1.02 (Looked at Le Veon Bell but his injuries concern me)
Doug Martin TB   2.11 (Love to start with 2 strong RBs then focus on other positions in these formats)
Aaron Rodgers GB (Bit of a reach as I prefer to wait on QBs but with him falling to third round I decided on the fly to grab him and go with just 2 QBs giving me another WR to stockpile)
Greg Olsen CAR (Best TE other than Gronk. Again decided to go strong at QB and TE early so that I only needed one bye week filler later on in draft at each position-this allowed me to instead of going 3/5/7/3/2/2 to draft 2/5/9/2/2/2 so stockpile two more WRs since I went QB and TE strong early)
Jarvis Landry MIA
Melvin Gordon SD (League does not have a flex but like 3 starting RBs in my stable)
Emmanuel Sanders DEN
Charles Sims TB (must needed handcuff for Doug Martin)
Dorial Green-Beckham (Stockpiling WRs in hopes that 1-2 catch fire)
Isaiah Crowell CLE (in a draft and forget format I do not have to decide when to start this boom or bust RB)
Teddy Bridgewater MIN (Homer pick as many of the tier 2 and 3 QBs were flying off the board)
Vincent Jackson TB
Jason Witten DAL (Not as good a pick in a Non-PPR league and has the same bye as my stud TE Greg Olsen-Doh! I knew this and waited 2 rounds before picking him)

-Get ready for my WR run (pick 14-17 stockpiling WRs)
Breshad Perriman BAL
Pierre Garcon WAS
Kamar Aiken BAL
Tyler Boyd CIN

Minnesota Vikings
Brandon McManus DEN
Buffalo Bills
Mike Nugent CIN
Brandon Coleman NO (Sleeper-but I wonder if a TE not on a bye with Olsen and Witten would have been better value added to my team)

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