Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fantasy Football Index Experts Auction League Team

Ok you may have seen this draft in the annual Fantasy Football Index magazine. I am often asked to provide my rankings and draft in their "Expert" leagues. 

If you have not picked up your copy I recommend you do so. It is packed with great information for the upcoming season.

Here is a sneak peak with my team and the amount I paid for the players from the Sunday 22 May draft. It is a "draft and forget" league in that no trades/adds or drops allowed and the computer sets your optimum lineup each week so you do not have to make lineup decisons!

Ryan Tannehill-MIA      $10
Tony Romo-DAL           $9

AP-Min                          $35
DeVonte Freeman-ATL $33
Matt Forte-NYJ             $21
DeMarco Murray-TEN  $19
TJ Yeldon-JAX              $9
Darren Sproles-PHI         $1

Jarvis Landry-MIA         $20
DeVante Parker-MIA      $12  (Love MIA w/Adam Gasse as HC)
Marvin Jones-CIN          $9
Laquon Treadwell-MIN $6
Nelson Agholor-PHI      $2
Michael Thomas-NO     $2
Robert Woods-BUF       $1
Brandon Coleman-NO   $1 (big believer in Brees and WRs)

Austin Sefarin-Jenkins-TB $4
Clive Watford-OAK       $1

Brandon McManus-DEN $2
Sebastian Janokowski-OAK $1

NYJ/11                                 $1
BUF/10                                $1

--Some value here in Tannehill and Romo as Draft Master (draft and forget leagues other name) offsets for the combined price as Brees and others over $20. 
--Freemand and Forte on the same bye week is not convenient in a DM league.

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