Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Week 4 Results for

My leagues and weekly results/standings 
Notes: if in bold I won this week, most of the DM leagues are total points standings so I translate that into Wins and Losses by assuming if I beat half of the other teams in TP then I Won

Active Leagues
FFPC Main Event                  Win, 3-1, 2nd, TP=2nd
FFPC $35 Satellite Classic    Win, 4-0, 2nd TP
SFB480                                    Win, 4-0, 2nd, TP=2nd
FF Pro Forecast Mag                Win, 3-1, 5th, TP=6th
Local League                            Win, 2-2, 8th, TP=6th
FFWC                                     Loss, 3-1, 4th, TP=4th

Draft and Forget Leagues
FFPC Pros vs Joes                     Loss, 1-2, 12th
FFPC #3763                              Loss, 0-4, 10th
FFPC #4068 (co-owned)         Win, 4-0, 1st
FFPC #4386 (co-owned)         Win, 3-1, 5th
FFPC #4106                              Win, 2-2, 6th
Fantasy Index Auction           Loss 4-5-2, 29-13-2 (all play), 2nd
Fantasy Index Experts           Loss 3-7-1, 25-18-1 (all play), ?

This week: 8-5
Overall for Season: 33-19 

Of the 13 leagues five are "Expert" leagues either for fantasy football magazines (Pro Forecast Fantasy Football or Fantasy Football Index) or the Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) Pros versus Joes contest or the Scott Fish Bowl 480 Invitational contest.

This year I am in "just" 13 leagues... six are "active" leagues involving day-to-day roster management (adds/drops, lineup changes etc). Seven leagues are "draft and forget" or Draft Master/Draft Expert Leagues which require no additional work as the teams I drafted are fixed (no adds/drops, trades/waivers etc) and the computer optimizes my lineup each week.

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