Saturday, November 26, 2016

Small Business Saturday Today!

Extra Point Press is a small, niche publisher that can be supported  on Small Business Saturday through purchases of any of its 15 books.

The books are only available at online retailers like Amazon and BN, but the majority of the profits will go to EPP should you choose to support them by buying one or more of their books today. 

These great holiday gift ideas are available at AmazonBN and other online retailers as paperbacks and ebooks:

Fantasy Football Guidebook (2nd Edition)
Fantasy Football Tips (2nd Edition) 
Fantasy Football Basics

Fantasy Baseball for Beginners

Fantasy Hockey

Fantasy Soccer

Fantasy Basketball Handbook

Just One More (military thriller)

Financial Planning The Fighter Pilot Way

Avoid the holiday rush.
Get your perfect gift today.
Order now for Christmas!

Fantasy Football Tips (2nd Edition): 230 Ways to Win through Player Rankings, Cheat Sheets and Better Drafting ($12.95)

Books from Extra Point Press:

Fantasy Football Guidebook (2nd Edition): Your Comprehensive Guide to Playing Fantasy Football ($19.95)


Fantasy Football Tips: 201 Ways to Win through Player Rankings, Cheat Sheets and Better Drafting ($10.95/Ebook $8.75 )

Fantasy Football Basics: The Ultimate "How to" Guide for Beginners available ($10.95/ Ebook $8.75)


Fantasy Baseball for Beginners: The Ultimate "How-to" Guide ($10.95/Ebook $8.75 )


Fantasy Soccer: The Ultimate "How-to" Guide for Fantasy Soccer Players ($14.95/ Ebook $9.95)


Fantasy Hockey: The Ultimate "How-to" Guide for Fantasy Hockey Players ($14.95/$9.95 Ebook)

Fantasy Basketball Handbook: The Ultimate "How-to" Guide for Beginners and Experienced Players ($12.95/$9.95 Ebook)


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