Friday, June 30, 2017

Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) Announces 100% Payout Draft Expert Leagues

Just joined one of the Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) 100% Payout Draft Expert Leagues.

Hope it fills Tomorrow at 4pm ET.
$35 Draft Experts Double Up Live #6745 1 July 4pm ET

So what do they mean by "Double Up" and 100% payout.

-They pay the top 6 teams (50% of league teams) Two league Entries for next year of the same amount. So they are paying the top 6 teams $70 worth of entries each which is $420 worth of payouts.

The 12 teams each pay $35 so the payouts are 100% on entries!!!

I know there is no cash involved in the payouts but if you are going to play next year anyway (like me) and want win entries for next year....this is a great way to play.

The ROI is smaller (2.0). So that means the prizes are spread amongst 6 teams vice 2 teams....but that also increases your chances of cashing (excuse the pun) in.

Join the DE Double up $35 #6745 and I will see you online for the live draft tomorrow at 4pm ET!

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