Thursday, August 10, 2017

18 Fantasy Football Leagues signed up for so far in 2017

Ok every year I promise to cut back on the number of fantasy football leagues I play in. Sometimes I am successful, other times I get sucked back in. 

2017 is a “I got sucked back in” year. 

The FFPC brought out some great new leagues-dynasty draft experts being one and a “Double up” Payout league another. So I have increased rather than decreased my play this year. 

Here are what I am in so far....

Active Management
1) First on my list is the FootballGuys (FBG) Players Championship (FPC).
$350 entry fee, rules just like Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) and you can buy 3 teams for $1,000 saving $50.
But best of all you are playing for a $250,000 Grand Prize!

They have tons of drafts which run through September 7th. That's right, all the way up until the kickoff game Thursday night. I joined a league on Labor Day weekend. Love playing then, right before the start of the season.

2) Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) $250 Classic
3) FFPC $250 Dynasty
4) FFPC $77 Dynasty
5) FFPC $77 Dynasty
6) Pro Football Forecast Magazine Experts PPR League
7) Pro Football Forecast Magazine Experts Standard (Non-PPR) League
8) Aforementioned Scott Fish Bowl (SFB420) 2017 Pro Am Contest
9) Local League where I have been the commissioner for all 19 years of existence and won 4 titles. 

Draft and Forget (or Draft Expert Leagues)
10) FFPC $77 Dynasty DE
11) FFPC $35 DE
12) FFPC $35 DE
13) FFPC $35 DE
14) FFPC $35 DE
15) FFPC $35 DE Double UP (place in top 50% and double your entry fee)
16) FFPC Pros vs Joes Contest
17) Fantasy Index Experts
18) Fantasy Index Auction 

So...$1,250 in entry fees and 18 leagues-9 actively managed and 9 draft and forget.

Plus a few expert drafts for magazines which will not be played out. 

And it is just mid August...

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