Friday, June 22, 2018

Pros vs Joes-Who is in and who is out?

I knew it would happen one day, just hoped it would be later rather than sooner. After playing in the great Pros vs Joes Challenge for every year of its existence (nine years) to date...

and having an overall ranking of #2 out of 412 competitors

That’s right I am am the 2nd best in the Pros vs Joes All Time Standings. Helped no doubt by the fact that I have won 2 Divison Titles in those nine years while finishing 5th and 7th overall those years.

1 out of 12 is the average winning percentage (8.333%) yet I have 2 of 9 or a 22.222% winning percentage.

There are four Pros in the Top 5 All Time. I am honored to be among them. 

But I digress. 

I wish all 72 participants (36 Pros and 36 Joes) the best of luck and I hope to be picked for the 2019 Pros vs Joes Contest next year.

In the meantime, follow each of the drafts:

2018 Draft Schedule:
Draft #1 – Sunday July 22, 8:00 pm Eastern
Draft #2 – Monday July 23, 9:00 pm Eastern
Draft #3 – Tuesday July 24, 10:00 pm Eastern
Draft #4 – Sunday July 29, 8:00 pm Eastern
Draft #5 – Monday July 30, 9:00 pm Eastern
Draft #6 – Tuesday July 31, 10:00 pm Eastern

All six of the Pros vs Joes Drafts will be broadcasted live on the High Stakes Fantasy Football Hour blog talk radio show. Participants from the Pros and Joes will be invited to appear live to discuss the ongoing drafts.
The draftboards will also be available for viewing live on

Enjoy the season!

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