Wednesday, November 14, 2018 Year-to-date Results

Ok it has been too long since I updated you on how I am doing in my 17 fantasy football leagues this year. 

Note in leagues which are best ball (draft masters) and scored by total points only (I.e no Head to Head matchups) I have taken the liberty and giving my team a W-L record based on how they score each week versus the other teams. For example if my team scores more than half of the other teams in the league I get a W. If I score less than 6 teams I get a L.
League Name                   Record     Standings    How I did this wk

$250 Dynasty League #7      5-5          7th place          Loss
$250 Dynasty League #17    5-5          8th                    Win
$77   Dynasty League #7      7-3          3rd                    Win
$77   Dynasty League #17   10-0         1st                     Win
$250 Classic League #9336  7-3          6th                     Win
$77   Classic League #12465 6-4         5th                     Win
$35   Classic League #11276 8-2         4th                     Win
$35   Classic League #11649 2-8        10th                    Loss
Lakenheath Local League      7-3        5th                     Win
Scott Fish Bowl League         7-3         2nd                   Win
Dynasty Best Ball #22            7-3         3rd                    Win
$77 Dynasty Best Ball #36     8-2         3rd                   Win
$35 Best Ball #10717             5-5         8th                    Loss
$35 Best Ball Double Up        7-3         3rd                    Loss
$35 Best Ball                           6-4         5th                   Win

All Play Leagues:
Fantasy Index Auction Exp    79-31     1st                     Win
Fantasy Index Mock experts   63-47     5th                    Win

This week 13-4
Overall 113-52 (.685 winning percentage or put another way I almost win 7 out of 10 games)

I probably have just jinxed myself....

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