Sunday, June 1, 2008

5 Best WRs and Why

1. Randy Moss NE- Do I really need to explain this? Sure T Brady probably will not reach 50 TDs again. Instead lets just set our sights on a more probable 35 now that the NE RBs are healthy again. That means Randy will only get 15 TDs in 2008. Poor Randy.

2. Terrell Owens DAL-12 TDs is the average for this guy the past 10 years. Barring injury or disputes, he is the #2 WR.

3. Reggie Wayne IND-With Marvin Harrision rapidly looking like his knees will ground him, RW becomes the main man in IND. Even with more double teams 10 TDs is still possible with Peyton throwing you the rock.

4. Braylon Edwards CLE-Less catches but plenty of TDs as he is the big play man in CLE.

5. Larry Fitzgerald AZ-Opposite of Edwards. LF has lots of catches and yards just fewer TDs as AZ tends to stumble around the red zone. Still a great WR#5.

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