Sunday, June 8, 2008

TOP 5 TEs and why

1) Antonio Gates SD- A little banged up last year so do not let last years numbers fool you. The big thing is that he recovers from offseason surgery. He will. Pencil in 900 yards and 9 TDs.

2) Jason Witten DAL-Top ranked TE last year. That has to mean something. Yeah it means Gates was hurt. Jason gets his 7 TDs and almost 1000 yards but not as many catches.

3) Kellen Winslow CLE-Catches and yards are not the problem. It is TDs. KW gets 6 TDs and leads the league in catches/yards in 2008. That makes him TE#3.

4) Tony Gonzalez KC-Especially in a PPR league this guy is money. Lots of catches and yards, not so many TDs in recent years. He is getting a little old but has great conditioning and will be used by whoever gets the starting QB job.

5) Todd Heap BAL-Cam Cameron as OC. If (and that is the big IF) he stays healthy he could be #1 TE.

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