Sunday, September 21, 2008

Which fantasy dud through two weeks would you most like to buy low?

I’ll give you one at each position. First, Derek Anderson at QB; he has played two tough opponents in Dallas and Pittsburg. He should rebound in week 4 vs. CIN. Next, LT who is currently not even in the top 30 at RB. Injury worries have hindered him so far. While a toe injury is worrisome, I would bet he recovers and gets back to norm soon. Finally, Braylon Edwards at WR is a victim of his QB (D. Anderson) and the same tough schedule CLEV faced in weeks 1 and 2. Any of those three should be good value later this season.

As seen at Fantasy Index Magazines website in their Ask the Expert Column. Check Sam's and all the other Experts advice this week.

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