Monday, September 1, 2008

Which preseason issue has you most concerned?

With the regular season approaching, which preseason surgery (Manning, McGahee), suspension (Smith, Marshall), or contract squabble (Boldin, Jackson) involving a major player has MOST affected your rankings, and why?

Suspensions are easy, factor in how many games they miss and move on. Injuries are tougher because of the recovery time. Holdouts though, that is where I get nervous, because you have no idea when it will be resolved. I also think long preseason holdouts lead to injuries in the regular season. So up until last week I would have said Steven Jackson’s hold out. However, lately Peyton Manning’s swelling has me concerned. I have him clinging to QB#4 ranking by a thread and that will affect R. Wayne, M. Harrison, A. Gonzalez, D. Clark and Vinatieri. After seeing Jim Sorgi (Peyton’s backup) not play this past week, I suspect he was saved for opening day or worse. IND has a bye early in week 4. Anyone else see Peyton return to the field as late as Houston (Week 5)?

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