Saturday, December 13, 2008

Do you prefer leagues with head-to-head playoffs, or where champions are determined strictly by win-loss records or total points over a 16- or 17-week

I prefer a little of both. I like the excitement of head to head playoffs because nothing tops beating a live opponent in a head to head match up. But I like the idea of starting with your regular season average points. This way a team that has really excelled gets a little bit of a bonus due to their exceptional scoring. So if there are 4 teams in the playoffs-subtract the lowest scoring teams average from all the others and that is the team bonus for the entire playoffs. Kind of like a golf handicap based on your regular season scoring. For example, the lowest team has an average of 110 points and you have an average of 120 points; when you play them in the playoffs you get a 10 point head start. So it is H2H but with a little nod to what they did to get there. The seeding based on W/L record can be misleading due to luck of bye weeks, etc., but total points are a good indication of performance.

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