Saturday, December 6, 2008

Which players will flop in the fantasy playoffs?

Marion Barber is my choice for dud for the next 3 weeks. Why? Well he is banged up with a dislocated toe injury that he will play on (expect him at less than 100%). He faces the #1 defense in the NFL at Pittsburgh this week before coming home to play the New York Giants and then Baltimore. His QB is back and connecting with T. Owens more and more and the Cowboys have a rookie in 4th round pick Tashard Choice that they may want to see more of based on his week 13 performance. It all spells less fantasy points for MB3.

I also see rookies like Forte and Slaton performing less than optimally due to the strain of a longer season then their college years. Weeks 14-17 are much harder for rookie RB's who have cared the load all season. I would not be surprised to see one rookie RB injured in the last week games.

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