Saturday, May 2, 2009

2009 NFL Draft ramifications for Fantasy Football

The draft is over but what does it really mean.
First, lots of things will change between now and Week 1 of the regular season so "Flexability is the key". But somethings do jump out after looking at how the NFL draft turned out.

D McNabb may have struck it rich with a first round WR and a OT as well.
S Hill is a big time sleeper pick at QB if Crabtree can produce right away ala Calvin Johnson
Bugler gets some OL help to offset the loss of O Pace. Actually this is more of a push then a plus.

Obviously the days are numbered for K Clemens, D Culpepper and whomever TB elects to start initially.

RBs with no competition coming from the draft: Pierre Thomas, Ronnie Brown, Jamal Lewis, Cedric Benson, MJD and just about every other RB other then DEN, PHI, IND, NYJ and AZ

McGahee, Rice and McClain need to all look over their shoulders at Cedric Peerman.

Teams would did not get any WR help: BAL, CAR, DAL, KC, STL and NYJ
MIA took several as did the NYG and CLE
MIN, SF, PHI, TEN all got big time WR upgrades with the draft.

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