Sunday, May 17, 2009

Favre to vikes-seriously?

Brett Favre in the purple and gold? Say it isnt so. I return from 10 days in Alaska to find my vikings toying with the idea of #4 at QB. Please......stop the madness.
First, I do not want to have to be distracted by this circus again.
Second, what about Sage Rosenfels? Why trade for him and give him a ton of money only to slap him in the face with all this Favre madness.

Minnesota has a history of this though. I mean the "Lets overpay for an ageing veteran who wants to play but is on his last legs and downside of his career" (Can anyone say Herschel Walker? I think that was a 1990 trade where MIN got Walker and Dallas got every draft pick from the Vikes and DAL took Emmit Smith with their first rounder.)

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