Sunday, June 14, 2009

8 QB Fantasy Football Controversies....

There are more than 8 QB controversies in the NFL. You may be better off avoiding these QBs until you need a second QB and until more is known about who the starter and the backup will be in game one. Here are a few unknowns”

1) Minnesota- Sage Rosenfels, Brett Favre, Tarvaris Jackson…unless Favre comes out of retirement early this could get ugly early. Rosenfels is #29 if you force me.
2) Tampa Bay- Byron Leftwhich/ Luke McCown- These 2 look like #32 and #33 on my QB rankings
3) Detroit –Dante Culpepper/ Matt Stafford- Neither will start all 16 games. Bet on Dante for the first 5 games and Stafford the rest. This makes Stafford #31 on the list
4) NY Jets- Kellen Clemmons/ Mark Sanchez-Rumor has it that Sanchez may start the season. I like the kid and his attitude. Put him on your rankings at #27
5) Cleveland- Brady Quinn/ Derek Anderson- Anderson hurt his leg and everyone though Quinn stumbled into the job but now Manglagenius says it is still a battle. Oh brother….Quinn is #30 until he can win it legitamitely.
6) San Francisco- Shaun Hill/ Alex Smith –Hill finished strong after Singletary took over. Bet on him to start and do well with Crabtree at WR. Sleeper at #21
7) Oakland- JaMarcus Russell/ Jeff Garcia- Russell was the #1 draft pick in 2007, yeah that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee at the Wal-Mart. If Russell struggles (and he will) Garcia could get some games sooner rather then later. Russell is #26 and Garica a sneaky # 34
8) Denver- Kyle Orton/ Chris Simms- Rumor has it that Orton won the starting job already. Apparently, Josh McDaniels wanted that settled. Move Orton up to #23 behind Jake Delhomme.

So the bottom dwellers at QB
21 S Hill
22 J Delhomme
23 K Orton
24 Jason Campbell
25 Kerry Collins
26 JaMarcus Russell
27 Mark Sanchez
28 Mark Bulger
29 Sage Rosenfels
30 Brady Quinn
31 Matt Stafford
32 Byron Leftwhich
33 Luke McCown
34 Jeff Garcia
35 Brett Favre

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