Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sam Hendricks ( finishes 12th in QB Ranking competiton;

The results of the Fantasy Index Magazine Experts Poll for the 2009 season are final.
They do this carefully, being cautious not to overlook any 2-point conversions or
gadget-type plays. At the quarterback position, Rick Hawes of Fanball is
the winner, but not by much. Five other experts finished within 215 points
of him (with everyone scoring over 62,000).

Christopher Harris of ESPN, who previously won two positions, finished 2nd
at this position, followed by Bob Henry of and Chris Liss

In this grading system, every pick counts. The higher you rank a player, the
more he counts towards your score. If you rank a player first, his fantasy
production is multiplied by 20. If you rank him 2nd, it gets multiplied by
19. Ranking him 3rd brings in 18 as the multiplier number and so on.

Hawes appeared to help himself at this position by ranking Tony Romo as high
as anyone. Romo scored 344.7 points in this fantasy format, so that was
worth 5,515 points (16 x 344.7). Hawes also was one of the few to put Aaron
Rodgers in his top 3, helping him overcome ranking Matt Schaub (13th) lower
than most experts. I had Romo at 8th; Rodgers at 4th (higher than many others) but Schaub at 12th hurt me the most. If I had more faith in the Univ of Virginia grad I could have placed much higher.

Scoring system for the poll: 1 point for every 20 passing yards, 1 point for
every 10 rushing yards, 4 points for TD passes, 6 points for touchdowns and
2 for each two-point conversion.

The Fantasy Index picks aren't included in these results out of fairness to
the competition, we stay in the administrator role since their picks
aren't locked into the same deadline, which usually is around May 20


68,036 Rick Hawes
67,964 Christopher Harris
67,882 Bob Henry
67,876 Chris Liss
67,876 Scott Pianowski
67,821 Michael Nazarek
67,784 Cory Bonini
67,758 James Serra
67,647 Louis Tranquilli
67,615 Pretzel May
67,482 Alan Satterlee
67,340 Sam Hendricks
67,134 Kevin Marshall
67,063 Scott Endsley
66,968 Nathan Zegura
66,772 Colin Darlington
66,627 Bo Mitchell
66,510 David Dorey
65,890 Jeffrey Kamys
62,585 Lenny Pappano

(For quarterbacks named in the poll)

409.3 Aaron Rodgers
370.7 Drew Brees
362.2 Matt Schaub
355.7 Peyton Manning
344.7 Tony Romo
344.3 Tom Brady
340.6 Ben Roethlisberger
335.7 Philip Rivers
318.6 Jay Cutler
315.6 Eli Manning
295.7 Donovan McNabb
292.7 Kurt Warner
292.2 David Garrard
290.5 Jason Campbell
281.2 Kyle Orton
270.3 Joe Flacco
270.0 Carson Palmer
244.7 Matt Ryan
231.4 Matt Hasselbeck
231.1 Matt Cassel
140.8 Jake Delhomme
93.1 Trent Edwards
80.8 JaMarcus Russell
74.2 Shaun Hill
46.3 Byron Leftwich
25.4 Chad Pennington

Who will be in the top 11 and make the Fantasy Index mock draft for 2010?
I am at 12th overall before the QBs. Can I get enough of a boost to get into 11th place?

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