Saturday, June 12, 2010

RBBC for 17 NFL teams-15 Main RBs in 2010

I mentioned SEA and their RBBC situation a few days ago. After looking closer it seems that as many as 17 NFL teams will have a Running-Back-By-Committee (RBBC) situation.
There are only 15 Main RBs and they make up the Top 20 at RBs.

1. Chris Johnson-TEN
2. Adrian Peterson-MIN
4 Frank Gore-SF
5 Ray Rice-BAL
6 Michael Turner-ATL
7 Steven Jackson-STL
8 Ryan Grant-GB
9 Rashard Mendenthal-PIT
11 Pierre Thomas-NO
13 Ryan Mathews-SD
14 Cedric Benson-CIN
15 Knowshon Moreno-DEN
17 Jahvid Best-DET
20 L. McCoy-PHI

That leaves 17 RBBC Teams as CLE, DAL, SEA, CAR* (each top 15 RBs), AZ, NYJ, IND, MIA, NYG, CHI, BUF, OAK, WAS, NE, HOU, TB, KC

KC, CHI, AZ and NYJ may have a proven one horse RB but it is too early to tell.

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