Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Seattle Seahwaks RB situation needs watching-Jones/Forsett or Leon Washington?

For the record, I am a big Leon Washington fan and think he scores the most FPs in SEA in 2010.
But having said that, it is only fair to warn you that Pete Carroll seems intent to make it a RBBC situation and he hinted recently that Julius Jones and Justin Foresett will fight it out for the top spot.

I wonder why he traded for Leon Washingon then? Me thinks (Scotish accent) the shrewd Carroll is going to use Jones/Forsett as the bruiser and Washington will get the 3rd down passes, and burst part of the running game. We shall see. I would grab whoever is left over later in the draft. I.e if Jones goes first then grab Forsett and Washington afterwards when the price paid is more value oriented. And if both Jones and Forsett are gone and it is late and Washington is still available make him your sleeper RB. Thats the way it is turning out these days.

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