Thursday, February 3, 2011

18 Week Season in 2012?

I hope the NFLPA and the owners come to agreement over the CBA soon. I have looked into my crystal ball and I believe we will have a 2011 season and it will be a 16 game/17 week season. But indications are that beyond 2011 it could well be a 18 game/20 week season with 2 less preseason games (Season starts 2 weeks early) and the playoffs extend right up until a week before the Super Bowl. Yes yes move the Pro Bowl back to obscurity after the SB.

What will a 18 game NFL season mean for Fantasy Football?

It will mean a 20 week season with 2 bye weeks for each team and 18 regular season games.

I expect bye weeks in weeks 4-10 and then repeated in weeks 11-17. Why? Because no team wants their bye week to be early. This years week 4 byes seemed too early and players complained. Could you see any team wanting their bye in week 1 or 2? No way.

Week 20 probably will be off limits for the same reasons we avoid week 17 Super Bowls now (apathy and players sitting to rest for playoffs).

So I expect a 19 week season for FF. The playoffs may be limited to weeks 18 and 19 due to bye week issues. So a 2 week playoff contest to include the Championship game.

14 team leagues can play a game against each other team (13 games) and perhaps have 4 weeks of ALL PLAY where each team plays every team that week. Optimally these all play games may start with week 1 and last for all of the Non-bye weeks-so start the season with ALL PLAY in weeks 1-3?

12 team leagues? Yikes

16 Team leagues-15 game regular seasons-each team plays all the other teams, playoffs in weeks 16-18 with everyone realizing that 2 of those weeks may have bye week teams so some strategic drafting may be introduced into FF drafts from now on. I.e late bye weeks become more important.

We will see...

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