Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fantasy Football Index magazine 2010 Expert QB Rankings and Overall Results

Congratulations to Pretzel May of the winner
of the 2010 Fantasy Football Index Experts Poll.
The contest involved 20 other analysts/Experts (including myself) and was one of the most wide-open polls in years with a different leader every day and every expert finished below-average in at least one category. What does this all mean? No one can be right all the time and most of us "Experts" are just trying to stay above the mean. More on that later.

Cory Bonini (KFFL) won quarterbacks, followed by Scott Sachs (Perfect Season
Fantasy Football) and Jeffrey Kamys (Dr. Stats Fantasy Sports).

Second place this year goes to Lance Ralls. He was selected by the magazine to participate.
Third place goes to Scott Pianowski (Yahoo! Sports). Scott is always one of the
top finishers in this competition. He always seems to be above average.

The top 11 finishers in this competition win spots in the Mock Draft
Competitions that is part of Fantasy Football Index magazine. Mays will get
first choice of where he wants to select in that draft (first, second, or
whatever). The final three spots in that league go to Kamys, Pappano and
David Dorey (The Huddle). Going into the last position rankings I was 10th but a 16th place finish in QBs sunk me to 16th overall too. My Tony Romo ranking of 4th hurt as his injury killed me. It did not help my case either with Matt Leinart at 16th (these were done in May folks!) and I was highest on Donovan McNabb (8th) then all others. No apologies, I will continue to go out on the limb since some of my other calls (Matt Forte 19th-only 2 others picked him in top 19; Benjamin Watson, TE 20th) are great!

199,321 *Pretzel May
199,093 *Lance Ralls
199,038 *Scott Pianowski
198,943 *Nathan Zegura
198,794 *Christopher Harris
198,566 *Chris Liss
198,527 *James Serra
198,389 *Gregg Rosenthal
198,299 *Jeffrey Kamys
198,021 *Lenny Pappano
197,546 *David Dorey
197,503 Scott Sachs
197,325 Bob Henry
197,151 Alan Satterlee
197,110 Michael Nazarek
197,029 Sam Hendricks
197,012 Rick Hawes
196,964 Jon Millman
196,939 Cory Bonini
195,630 Louis Tranquilli

198,097 Fantasy Football Index (not officially part of poll)

*--wins spot in Mock Draft League in Fantasy Football Index 2011

EXPERTS POLL: Quarterbacks
61,795 Cory Bonini
61,380 Scott Sachs
61,363 Jeffrey Kamys
61,279 Pretzel May
61,205 James Serra
61,174 Chris Liss
60,653 Nathan Zegura
60,619 Lance Ralls
60,599 Christopher Harris
60,294 Scott Pianowski
60,200 David Dorey
60,120 Jon Millman
60,115 Rick Hawes
60,081 Bob Henry
59,717 Gregg Rosenthal
59,573 Sam Hendricks
59,572 Michael Nazarek
59,498 Louis Tranquilli
58,826 Lenny Pappano
58,093 Alan Satterlee

61,519 Fantasy Football Index (not officially part of poll)

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