Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011 TE Free Agency and Fantasy Football impact

Here is the TE situation as far as Free Agents go and my view of where they went or stayed.

TE Staying where they are:
Mercedes Lewis-JAX
Owen Daniels-HOU
Randy McMichael-SD (backup to A Gates)
David Thomas-NO (backup)

TE going elsewhere:
Zach Miller-SEA (Wow I thought OAK would do anything to keep their best receiver)
Greg Olsen-CAR (Lots of TEs there with Shockey and company, Olsen should stand out though)
Jeremy Shockey-CAR (See Olsen comments above, Shockey has some wear and tear on him)
Todd Heap-AZ (Kolb safety valve, but I don't call him Todd "Probable" Heap for nothing)
Daniel Graham-TEN (No worries for Jared Cook owners, Graham is known as a blocker)
Donald Lee-PHI (Same here for Celek owners, Lee is past his prime catching balls, look for him to block primarily)
Kevin Boss-OAK (Great move for Boss as OAK and J. Campbell like the TE option, dont think OAK upgraded here as they lost Zach Miller a sure thing for the competent but unproven long term Boss. Good upside on Boss though but dont drft him too high)
Bo Scaife-CIN (think blocker not catcher although with Dalton as QB...can anyone say dump off target)

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