Thursday, August 25, 2011 offering up to 50% off one item for members

Now is the chance to buy your copy of Fantasy Football Almanac 2011 (seen below) or Fantasy Football Guidebook (pictured at the end of this post). BN is offering 15-50% off for members who buy between now and Sunday 28 Aug and enter this code R9XDS6VFG8S78

Fantasy Football Almanac 2011: The Essential Fantasy Football Reference Guide (10.95)

Fantasy Football Tips: 201 Ways to Win through Player Rankings, Cheat Sheets and Better Drafting ($10.95)

Fantasy Baseball for Beginners: The Ultimate "How-to" Guide ($10.95)

Fantasy Football (Soccer to Yanks): The Ultimate "How-to" Guide for Fantasy Football/Fantasy Soccer ($14.95)

Fantasy Football Guidebook(2nd Edition): Your Comprehensive Guide to Playing Fantasy Football ($19.95)

Fantasy Football Basics: The Ultimate "How to" Guide for Beginners available ($10.95) at

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