Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 Fantasy Football RB Rankings Updated

1 Arian Foster-HOU      New contract, healthy year-missed 4 games in 11'
2 Ray Rice-BAL            Could see competition in 12', lots of touches in 11'
3 LeSean McCoy-PHI   TDs could go down
4 MJD-JAX                   New "run first" coach
5 Chris Johnson-TEN     Comeback player of the year 
6 Matt Forte-CHI          Comeback player of the year part 2 
7 Jamaal Charles-KC     If fully recovered from ACL in week 2
8 Darren McFadden-OAK B4 injury was #1 RB
9 Marshawn Lynch-SEA Just 25. WOW!
10 Ryan Mathews-SD    Put me on the bandwagon
11 Steven Jackson-STL Jeff Fisher as HC
12 Frank Gore-SF         Work horse who may be running down
13 Michael Turner-ATL Did not look the same at the end of the season, buyer beware!
14 Adrian Peterson-MIN Check his injury status; torn ACL and MCL in wk 16
15 Fred Jackson-BUF   Stud before his injury (sounds like a broken record now)

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